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We Believe That the Bible was written by at least 40 authors under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit. We believe the inspired word in the original documents to be inherent. We stand on the authority of The Bible as the inspired word of God.

We Believe in a triune God. One God expressed in three persons. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We Believe The Jesus is the only begotten son of God and the 2nd person of the trinity meaning that he is not a created being but that he is the creator. He is God in the flesh.

We Believe that Jesus came to the earth in a fleshly body taking on a nature as fully man while still being fully God. He lived a sinless life and gave up his life as the lamb of God as a substitution for our sins. He died a physical death on a cross, was buried in a tomb, rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into Heaven where he is not only ruling and reigning from the right hand of the father, but also intercedes for us.

We Believe that Jesus sent The Holy Spirit to us as our comforter and our counselor to dwell within us.

We Believe that whosoever puts their faith and trust in Jesus Christ will be born again and have eternal life fully acquitted and justified before God The Father.

We Believe in full immersion baptism. Although we don't believe it essential for salvation, we do believe that it is essential for becoming a disciple of Christ.

We Believe in an eternal hell. All who reject Christ will spend an eternity in Hell.

We Believe that the spiritual gifts are still alive and active today and will be until Jesus returns.

We Believe in the rapture of the church, that is God will snatch away his people off the earth in the last days right before he pours out his wrath on those who reject him.

We Believe that Jesus will return just as he promised and setup his millennial Kingdom.

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